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Rekai's Detective, and one of Makai's third lord! [entries|friends|calendar]
Urameshi Yusuke

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what the fuck?! [23 Apr 2004|09:22pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Hey! Fuckass! Yeah you Karasu-bitch, leave Kurama the fuck alone, your so-called love is totally pointless -_- And who's this Yoh guy?! Probabily some fan-guy if you ask me, hmph.
Anyway, haven't seen Keiko around, but I've heard from Kuwabara that shes been looking for me to talk about our wedding 0.0 ^^;; guess I;m loved... Its gonna suck though, shes gonna be nagging like shit whenever something bad happens >.<
And where the hell is Hiei?! I haven't seen that guy in a while! I've only seen him once sense I've gotten back but hes gone now >.<
Any ideas?

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Hell fucking o all! [21 Apr 2004|09:00pm]
[ mood | amused ]

((hey everyone, its me, Ensetsu, again ^^;; Well playing Hiei two times just isn't fun, not that I do not simple love and adore my little fire korime, but seriously, playing the same characters twice just ins't entertaining for me, besides, I like how I play him at my yyh_rpg its fun and entertaining there! whoohoo! Anyway, yep, playing Yusuke, unexpected? I think not! hehe, sorry a little hyper right now, damn I have to get to Hiei on the other rpg 0.0 him and Yukina-chan are having a "moment" lol XD
Nice seeing you all! Kiate, Neko, everyone!))

*Grins* Got one of these Journal thingies I heard some people talkin' about, just to see what they were like, Kurama's got one too! Whatt'ya know! Anyway, today's been ok, went to the arcade, had some fun. I bet Koenma's gonna give us another friggin' mission soon, knowing him *rolls eyes* we never get a break from the damned toddler >.<
Hiei was fun to mess with earlier this morning, he kept yelling at me about teasing him so much :P it was histerical! Even though he was pissed he didn't 'rip out my voice box' like he threatened ^^;; I think I'll go tease him later, just for the hell of it, it is fun after all!
Kurama does it too, so I guess Hiei won't kill us for it, but he's just so adorable when hes pissed ^^;;. For any fangirls who may be reading this, do NOT take it that way, damn perves -_-
Anyway, thats all for now, gonna go mess with everyone, later!

P.S. This is a friends only journal so... yeah! Comment to be added ^_____^

6 Had my foot shoved up their ass! Go ahead, piss me off.

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